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How to Create An Automated Lead Generation & Nurturing System, So you can gain new clients For your coaching, consultancy or professional services​
...even if no one has ever heard of you


Dear Friend,

If you'd like to sell lots of consulting, coaching, or professional services. Or if you want to fill your own speaking events, so you can get your message out, and make a bigger difference, this may be the most important event you ever attend.

But First, A Warning:

Before we get into this, I want to make something absolutely clear:

This isn’t one of those “get rich quick” events that promises you a fortune for doing nothing.

The approach I’ll be covering at this 1 day event is working great for me. I believe it can work incredibly well for you too, but I’m not suggesting that everyone (or anyone) who listens to it is going to make a lot of money.

I have no idea how much anyone who attends will make. I have no idea of their work ethic, or their commitment – it’s likely that many or even most of them will make little or maybe nothing at all (especially if they don’t follow the directions and don’t do the work).

Chances are you and I have never met, so I’m not going to insult you by telling you this event will make you rich. Bottom line, only you can make you rich, not me, not a book, not a seminar, and certainly not the “pursue your passion and the money will follow” motivational speakers.

However, one thing that is guaranteed. If you don’t know this approach, it will never work for you.

With that understood, let me tell you…

Exactly what you'll be learning

This is dramatically different to anything you've ever attended because I’m going to be pulling apart a complete marketing system, for you to model, from ad structure through lead nurturing to making an offer.

You’ll get the entire methodology I personally use to create a successful lead generation & nurturing campaign for generating consulting clients whilst letting the internet do all the heavy lifting.

It’s about more than Just Lead Generation

You can use the same approach to sell all kinds of high end products and services.

For example, I’ve used this to sell high end seminar tickets. Anything from £2000 to £12000 per ticket.

I’ve also used this to gain clients for coaching services at £1500/hour.

A company specialising in change management uses this same approach to reach HR decision makers.

I’ve shared this with Financial Advisors who used the strategies to gain high net worth clients.

You could also use it to fill a mastermind group, a continuity program, promote your own events, or sell your training programs online.

So like I said, there's more to this than "just" lead generation. Here's an insight into what we’ll be covering...

When you arrive in the morning at the hotel, coffee and tea will be waiting for you

  • Then we’ll kick the day off with a simple formula for structuring your lead generation blueprint. This will give you the big picture to hook everything on to through the day.  

  • Then we’ll reverse engineer your “best” clients desires, pain points and deeper motives. The more you understand your client, the easier it is to attract them.

  • The final part of the morning, we’ll dig into your competitors secrets. What messages are they using, what keywords are they focused on? Are they running paid adverts? Where? What is the main benefit they are offering their clients?

At this point, we’ll take a short break so you can grab some lunch, refuel, and give your brain a chance to absorb the morning,
so you can

  • The paid advertising funnel. This is where we make it easy for your paid ads to be profitable.
  • The nurturing funnel. What “content” do you need to continuously reinforce your positioning, your credibility and keep moving your prospects closer to a buying decision?
  • The offer funnel. What offers do you need to make? How do you measure how close a prospect is to buying? How do you move prospects into a live meeting? And how do you automatically follow-up because not everyone is ready to buy immediately.

Most importantly you’ll see how all of this fits into the 3 big components of a full marketing campaign. Ad structure. Lead nurturing. Making an offer.

Model it. Learn from it. Use it

But it gets even better, because you're also getting...

60-minute online training, free, which shows you how to create Unique marketing messages which grab the attention of your highest quality prospects

And there's no charge for it. I want you to have this as my gift for attending this event.

Plus, you're also getting my video sales
letter template...

So you can rapidly create high converting sales letters to promote products or book clients into meetings. Again, my gift to you, for attending.

The best part of this event is that it's ...

Especially Designed For People Who Hate "Selling"

Listen. If you don't like "sales", you're not alone. I can't stand it either. I'd rather chew through my own wrist than be a typical "salesman".

Making a difference has always been a bigger driver for me than making money.

And that's why I've spent years developing the approach I’m covering on this event.

When you use it, you’ll notice two things.

First, you'll be of genuine help to everyone you use it with. They'll come away from the experience viewing you as a trusted voice (the Maven), regardless of whether or not they buy anything.

This is really important because it sets you up for a long-term relationship with them where they're significantly more likely to become a good client that does business with you for years.

The next thing you'll notice is this:

You'll Feel more relaxed Knowing How To Make More Sales Whilst freeing up your most valuable asset. Your time!

And you'll do it without using any pressure, you won't have to convince anyone of anything, and you won't even have to talk about yourself or your services much at all!

That's because of the way the marketing campaign is structured.

I've created it based on psychological principles of influence and advanced persuasion concepts from NLP.

Here's What To Do Next

Your investment for this special 1 day event is just £147, (early bird pricing is just £79to discover the entire approach I’ve personally used to generate 6-figures and free up my time.

Bottom line is this:

Your ability to help;  your ability to add value to your marketplace; your ability to get your message out to a greater number of people is defined by your ability to influence

And only when you can organise influence into effective campaigns can you predictable and consistently make a difference and make a profit.

Which is why, I highly suggest you reserve your place for this event now before all the places are gone.

  • If you want to create a lead generation system, so you can bring predictability and security to your business

  • If you understand you need to be positioned as the authority in your marketplace, so you can attract more clients.

  • If you want to build a loyal customer base, so you can continue to add more value to them and generate more consistent income for yourself.

  • If you want to test your information product ideas before you commit time and energy to designing and creating them

  • If you want to run paid adverts on Facebook, so you can generate leads on demand and recoup your ad costs before you even speak to your clients.

  • If you want to educate and inspire your marketplace, so you can create demand from customers you wouldn’t otherwise reach

  • If you want to have a greater impact and generate a greater income...

...This is for you!

Dates, Times & location

Bristol Aztec Hotel, Bristol

Friday, January 19th, 2018

9:15am to 5:30pm

The Boldest Guarantee In The World

I’m behind this with a 100% Guarantee.  You either love what you learn from this event or I'll return your investment and let you keep all the materials from the day anyway. No questions. No shenanigans. Full refund.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Paul Elliott

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here's the offer:

I’m offering you a 1 day event, where I’ll be showing you how to design, structure and create a lead generation & nurturing system which takes you from invisible to in demand in your marketplace.

On top of all that, I'm also giving you a 60-minute online training, free, which shows you exactly how to create unique marketing messages which grab the attention of your highest quality prospects. Plus my video sales letter template, so you can promote products or book prospects into a live meeting automated.

This is a very limited offer because it's a marketing test. 

Plus you're covered by an ironclad guarantee. If you don't like the event let me know and I'll give you back your money. You can even keep the online training and any materials from the event too. 

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