About – Strategic Rebel

"Influence is life"

Ok, like most people I was born.Then I went to school and bought into the work hard, get good grades philosophy.

So, I was a bit of a brain box at school. For me at that time it was about getting to university. I was the first person in my family to do so and everyone was proud. Especially my nana.

I left university and moved down to London to work as a computer programmer. Short version. I had three jobs over the next 4 years. And I was fired from each one. One the third time, a friend suggested I travel the world.

So I did. Certainly parts of it. Had a great time and when I came back to the UK, I moved in to being a self employed programmer for a few years. I then headed back to Australia and met Ed Strachar on a 3-day diving trip. He introduced me to NLP and Tony Robbins.

I was hooked by how the mind can influence the results we experience in all aspects of our life. It became an obsessive study. Books, seminars, and pure "work with anybody who would let me mess with their mind".

I built an NLP business. Lots of fun. And a huge learning curve on how a business works. Or doesn't! We lost everything and started again. Building businesses fascinates me still. Psychology and understanding why people make the decisions they do amazes me.

I spent a few years helping a friend of mine promote a property investment seminar. He gave me a presentation. I rewrote it based on what I know about influence. I sold over 7-figures of seminars for him in the first 12 months. Psychology rocks!!

What I have learned is that all problems have a solution. That building a business is a mindset (entrepreneurial) and a skill set. Not common sense. That thinking strategically and challenging the accepted (the rebel), can make you happy and successful.

My strength is making the complex, simple and practical. Recognising new applications of an idea that the originator hadn’t seen. Translating it into a step by step system. A solid action map.

My eclectic skill set and approach has created diverse opportunities. I've reorganised property portfolios by taking a more strategic view. It's allowed me design sales funnels online. Through which I've sold seminars, DVD's and information products. Acted as an affiliate for other peoples products. And consulted with companies who needed to turn strangers into clients.

The world is moving into an entrepreneurial economy because that's the bottleneck to the next stage of growth. The world needs more entrepreneurs.

And the core skill of any entrepreneur is influence. Marketing is influence. Sales is influence. Moving yourself beyond your fears is influence.

And ultimately making a positive difference is what it's all about. Don't let anybody tell you what you can't do - especially yourself!

Take it easy...but take it!